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Personal Growth.

​Team Building



Active Concept believes that “Arts exists everywhere” and works in various field related to arts and culture, from community education to arts promotion, and to arts management. We are human-oriented and innovative, trying to infuse creativity into different form of arts.


Active Concept seeks every opportunity in every arts related field. For example, we managed and ran the Golden Flower Awards in 2016 during the FILMART 2016, Community Bookfair Series (2008 to 2017) and so on.


We excel in planning, managing and executing arts projects, bringing the best experience for everyone. We value the end users experience so much, both our collaboration partners and general participants, and hope that we could ultimately influence the society in a constructive direction.


Since our establishment in 2008, we have entertained over 500,000 participants from 500 different parties, including government departments, corporate, social welfare organization, universities, tertiary education institutes and schools.


Professional team members from different sectors are working together to provide best quality of cultural education programme:

  • Professors

  • Publishing directors

  • Writers

  • Editors in news television channel

  • Education professions

  • Music therapists

  • Barista

  • Instructors from Hong Kong Wushu Union

  • Famous Lion and Dragon Dance associations

  • Artists

  • Scholars in cultural study

  • Professional magicians & entertainers graduated from Hong Kong Ocean Park Crown Academy

  • Professional dancers

  • Drama directors

  • Masters in Chinese traditional & folk arts


Arts Promotion & Audience Development


We focus on projects about culture, education and entertainment, aiming to vitalize cultural exchange through workshops and arts performance. In 2011, Active Concept collaborates with OULAMII SOOJ African Drum & Dance Academy from Ghana, now based in Fotan, and become the very first registered organization in Asia, recognized by Ghana official body Centre for National Culture. We organize and take part in music teaching, workshops in local community and public shows.


From 2010 onwards, the Academy has been exposing itself in various well-known mega events: Chinese New Year Parade in Tsim Sha Tusi ( 2013-2017), International Arts Festival (2013), Hong Kong Flower Show (2012 & 2014-2017), International Dragon Boat Carnival (2013-2016), Hong Kong Rugby Sevens (2017).


About Us

Art & Culture (Course/ Workshop)

Since 2010, we have been collaborating with Hong Kong Baptist University for Cultural Literacy Program and set up a shared studio in Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC). In accordance with the idea of “Whole Person Education” committed by the Hong Kong Baptist University, the program aimed to enhance students’ understanding on arts and culture in Hong Kong through a variety of cultural programme.

We are invited to visit the venue of interested parties, including schools, institutes, colleges and universities, community organizations and corporate to run creative arts programme, unleashing participants’ imagination and creativity. Bridging the expertise from different fields, participants will be involved in arts programme that is inspiring, regarding to the understanding of the community they are living in, self introspection and aesthetic.







(MTR Fotan station Exit D)



TEL: (852) 2334-6778

FAX: (852) 2334-6777


(852) 6677-4375 (by WhatsApp) 

African Culture Series

  • Taught by professional musicians from OULAMII SOOJ African Drum & Dance Academy

  • Experience African culture with registered group from Ghana, Africa

  • Student performance after course is possible

# African Music/ African Drumming

# African Dance

# African Culture

# African Handicraft

OULAMII SOOJ African Drum & Dance Academy

Team Building Series- 

Room Escape Challenge


  • 6 thematic rooms with varieties of puzzles  

  • To face limited resources and escape as a team

  • Leaded by facilitators in small group

  • Ticket discount provided

  • Team building challenge in large group is possible

Chinese Culture Series


  • To discover more Chinese traditions through folk art activities

# Rainbow Aliigraphy

# Traditional Papercutting

# Flour Dall

# Lion Dance

# Dragon Dance

# Chinese Martial Arts

​# Chinese Music

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Personal Growth Series


  • A variety of activities to stimulate sensitives, improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential

# Writer Sharing

# Monopoly Game Strategies

# Fencing for Beginners

# Magic

# Juggling

# Visual art 

# Hip-hop/Jazz  

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Intergrated Series

  • Lead by experience instructors,we plan the activities to suit the special needs to unleash their capability

#Symbiotic Dance
#Improvisational Theater
#Fencing for Beginner
#Ceramic Art
#Roller Sport for Beginner
#Arts Therapy
#Circle Painting

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  • Specially designed programmes  for teaching staff, social workers and organization staff

  • Suit for Teacher Development Day, Retreat, Corporate Training etc.

#African culture

#Team building

#Chinese arts & culture

#Personal growth


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