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我們的大埔 –社區聯想創作

Our Tai Po – Imagine and Create Community


Tai Po is a vast area with a mix of urban and rural areas. Every child or youth who grew up here might have a different view of Tai Po. Take a look at how a group of primary school students in Tai Po have used bamboo trays derived from the area’s rural culture to create works that combine the distinct features of Tai Po and the venues in West Kowloon.

作品展 Online Gallery


Participating schools and organisations



Hong Kong Children and Youth Services


HKTA Wun Tsuen Ng Lai Wo Memorial School


Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School


Salvation Army Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People


Sam Shui Natives Association Huen King Wing School


Tai Po Old Market Public School


How does the community look like in your eyes? Join us and create works that combine the distinct features of your community and the venues in West Kowloon!

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合作單位 Supporting Unit
李植芝Shirley Lee Chik-chi


  • 登記參與「踏步大埔@西九」網上工作坊,即表示同意並遵守所有相關條款及細則;

  • 活動語言以粵語為主,如有需要會輔以英語進行 ;

  • 成功報名的參加者將於2021年3月17日或之前透過電郵收到活動確認及會議的ID及網址;

  • 材料包寄送只限順豐香港自營網點,包括順豐營業點、順豐站、順便智能櫃;

  • 請勿轉發會議的ID及網址;

  • 因活動名額有限,如未能出席,請盡快通知大會;

  • 安裝網上會議軟件Zoom,按確認電郵上的指示在指定時間參與活動;

  • 如活動進行期間出現訊號不穩定或畫面停止,參加者可按「退出會議」選項,然後再次按「會議連結」登入;

  • 活動進行期間請勿錄影或錄音;

  • 大會將於工作坊進行期間進行錄影,收集之影像及照片或會用作計劃之推廣及宣傳;

  • 收集之個人資料只作是次活動用途;

  • 如有任何爭議,大會保留最終決定權。 


Conditions and Terms

  • By registering to participate in 'Stroll in Tai Po @ West Kowloon' online workshop(s), you agree to comply with all relevant conditions and terms;

  • The activity will be hosted in Cantonese and supplement with English if required;

  • Participants who successfully sign up will receive a confirmation email with meeting ID and URL on or before 17 March 2021;

  • Delivery of material set is limited to SFHK self-operated network points include SF Business Stations, SF Stores and EF Lockers;

  • Please do not share the Meeting ID and URL;

  • Due to the limited quota, if you are unable to attend the activity, please notify the organisers;

  • Install the online meeting software Zoom and be ready to join the activity on time according to the instructions in the confirmation email;

  • If the signal is unstable or the screen freezes during the activity, you can click the ‘Leave Meeting’ button and then join again by clicking the URL;

  • Recording is not allowed during the workshop;

  • Organisers will record during the workshop. Images and videos collected may be used for promotion of this project;

  • Personal data collected will only be used for this activity;

  • In case of any dispute, the organiser reserves the rights of final and conclusive decision.

合辦 Co-organisers:

節目策劃 Programme partner:

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