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由西九文化區管理局與大埔區議會攜手合辦,Active Concept策劃,「踏步大埔@西九」致力向大眾展現大埔和西九文化區 (西九) 的地方特色及藝術文化。計劃以遊歷大埔為概念,由區內的藝術單位、學校及團體共同打造一系列精彩的網上活動,歡迎大家安在家中感受大埔的人文生活,同時認識西九這個嶄新且充滿活力的文化藝術區。


2021 年 3 月,一同在家藝遊社區!


Co-organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority and Tai Po District Council, with Active Concept as the programme partner, Stroll in Tai Po @ West Kowloon is dedicated to showcasing the local characteristics and art and culture of the Tai Po community and West Kowloon Cultural District (West Kowloon) to the general public. This community engagement project is curated under the concept of strolling around Tai Po. Art groups, schools and organisations from Tai Po will present a variety of fantastic online programmes. You are cordially invited to join us and experience from home the cultural life of Tai Po and learn more about West Kowloon as a new vibrant cultural quarter.


In March 2021, let’s relax and stroll around the Tai Po and West Kowloon online!


大埔墟是香港歷史悠久的墟市之一,1911年九廣鐵路通車,於當時太和市 (富善街) 附近修築車站,並命名爲大埔墟站 (現為香港鐵路博物館)。隨著大埔墟站遷移,大埔墟的中心位置已遷到大埔墟四里一帶。這個空間裡各式商舖及食肆林立,不但凝聚當地居民,亦孕育大大小小的社區故事。

Tai Po Market is one of Hong Kong’s historical markets. In 1911, the Kowloon-Canton Railway was opened and the Tai Po Market Station (now the Hong Kong Railway Museum) was built near Tai Wo (now Fu Shin Street). With the relocation of the Tai Po Market Station, the central location of the Tai Po Market has been moved to the four busy lanes that make up the Lane Square. The many shops and restaurants in this area not only give local residents a place to gather, but also nurture stories of the community.


Our Drawings, Our Community


The video starts from the perspectives of three children born in Tai Po. Through drawing the community, they will take everyone on a journey of the unique shops around the Tai Po Market and introduce Tai Po Market and West Kowloon. Come visit these two districts someday to enjoy a leisurely time.

合作單位 Supporting Unit


The Big Apple Creativity Studio



The Tai Po Waterfront Park features a number of themed gardens and a veritable sea of flowers. The Art Park in West Kowloon also has a meticulously designed landscape, which highlights different types of scenery according to the seasons. In addition to being a feast for the eyes, these two parks also offer visitors the chance to learn more about plants.


Fabric Flower Decoration Workshop


The video will introduce how to upgrade old fabrics into eco-friendly fabric flowers and share about the flower viewing locations in Tai Po and West Kowloon.

合作單位 Supporting Unit

劉瑋欣 Anne Lau @ Studio 405


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Specially designed ‘Stroll In Tai Po @ West Kowloon’ Guide Book and Board Game for you to explore the two places at home with an interesting game.

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